The Wound is the Place where the Light enters you

Oh, how we hate unpleasant thoughts, feelings, and emotions! And thus set about to get rid of them as soon as we can, whenever they appear.

Understandable but not so smart. The essence of our happiness does not lie in our ability to make disappear what we don’t like, but in our courage to become fully present for it.

So next time something bothers you: take a deep breath and welcome, taste and digest the resulting physical sensations as if they were food for which you are hungry. Which then, oh, grand mystery, it indeed becomes.

Like attracts like. Knowing ourselves to be whole, healed, complete, is not conditional on us making the necessary repairs, but on our ability to make peace with whatever is broken in us. And in as far as we manage this, we will know ourselves to be just fine the way we are. Filled to the fullest by the peace that underlies all creation ‘and passes all understanding’. Very much Ok, even though not.

How to get there?

Empty your schedule, restrict your obligations, slow down your activities and create a degree of solitude to the point that your thoughts, feelings and emotions and your presence for them, can exist in sync.

Happiness is not something one can cause or create. The best you can do: becoming aware how you flee your unhappiness.

De demagoog in mij

Elke keer als President Trump zegt: ‘ik ben de oplossing’, weet ik weer: ja inderdaad, in mij het probleem. Wakker worden. Werk aan de winkel. Lees hier verder…

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God laten zorgen

In weer een mooie toevoeging aan de site ‘All of Bach’ speelt Dorien Schouten het koraal ‘Wer nur den lieben Gott läßt walten’. De tekst

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Jan XVII toen en nu

Jan XVII toen en nu. In Volzin een gesprek met Thomas over ruim vijftien jaar Jan XVII. Met onder meer aandacht voor Liber en de vacature ‘Dienend kluizenaar’.

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Amarillo by Morning

Te blijven voortbewegen, wat er ook gebeurt, dát is de kunst. Niet: een enkel akkoord te zijn, maar alle coupletten te durven gaan belichamen van het lied dat in je woont…

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