How to change your Mind

Put down whatever you were doing and tune in to this amazing Netflix Series: “How to change your Mind”.

With ZeeVELD now also hosting psychedelic retreats, it was part 2, about Psilocybin, that attracted my attention in particular. And boy was I not disappointed.

As one participant almost shouts it out near the end of his trip: “THIS GAVE ME MY WHOLE LIFE BACK”. First he experiences the death of his ‘default self’, then he experiences a fresh and new self come to life.

But the real wonder happens once he is back home, where, as soon as he sees any of the neurotic obsessions of his dead ‘default’ self resurface, he realizes his fresh self is the one now in charge. And thus that he need not be a victim of his default settings, but has an actual say in how and what he feels.

Needless to say I was struck by the parallels with our own ZeeVELD Liber method. By first letting our default thoughts and feelings express themselves, and then welcoming them without resistance, we activate as it were our own inner psilocybin with very similar results: the awareness that we need not be the slave of our conditioning but were born to be free and fully alive.

Begin in jezelf

To a disciple who was forever complaining about others, the master said, “If it is peace you want, seek to change yourself, not other people.

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Amarillo by Morning

Te blijven voortbewegen, wat er ook gebeurt, dát is de kunst. Niet: een enkel akkoord te zijn, maar alle coupletten te durven gaan belichamen van het lied dat in je woont…

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