sea field

A unique place to meet
Zeeveld is an ancient dune farm, located in the beautiful North Holland Dune Reserve near Castricum. A unique nature reserve with a wide variety of flora and fauna. There are many walking and cycling opportunities and the sea is within walking distance. The farm is surrounded by a number of gardens.

The old homestead owes its name to the area in which it is located, which was traditionally known as ’t Zee Velt’. This was already inhabited before the last rows of sea dunes had emerged and the tides of ebb and flow were still flowing in and out. Archaeological finds such as sickles, flints and especially pieces of pottery are proof of this. Habitat was possible because ’t Zee Velt’ is located on an old, higher dune row and has its own freshwater well. In the eighth century, Willibrord and his contemporary Adelbert passed through here to convert Kennemerland to Christianity.

From royal property…
As early as 1614 maps mentioned ’the Zee Veldt’. A then extensive dune area near ‘Baccum’, of which the residential house has always formed the core. In 1829 it was acquired by King William I to cultivate it with the latest agricultural methods. After the death of the king, the area passed to his son Prince Frederik. In turn, he left it to his daughter Princess von Wied. She sold it to the province of North Holland in 1903.

…to monastic center
In the eighties of the last century, the province gave the house on a long lease to the Jan XVII foundation. A chapel was built in the old farm, and a guest house, a conservatory and two houses were added.