John XVII in the media

A review of encounters with Thomas van Kleef

Watch, read and listen to how Volzin, De Nachtzoen, Iedereen Verlicht, NRC, Happinezz, Jan Versteegh (‘Gelukkig worden doe je zo’) and others reported on Thomas. And thus get to know the ‘monk without a habit’.

Interview Volzin
: “There are two flavors: that of knowing and that of not knowing.

Everyone Enlightened : the Liber methodology explained in eight minutes. Watch from 16:38

‘You have to be prepared to be called crazy by everyone’: Interview Puur Magazine

‘The meaning of life is to practice how to do that, live’ Interview Happinezz

A Radical Decision: The Night Kiss 1

Monk without a habit: The Night Kiss 2

What’s on the table now? The Goodnight Kiss 3

Portrait Monastery

‘Lost everything but itself back’. Interview Noordhollandse Dagblades

From: Rest, Rhythm, Space. Learning the Benedictine Art of Living. Interview with Esther Kouw.

Monk without Habit: Thomas looks back on 12.5 years of living and working in ZeeVELD. A short film by Niki Boomkens.

Liber introduced: Get acquainted with the do-it-yourself coaching methodology Liber. A short film by Niki Boomkens.

Listening to what needs to be done. How Thomas ended up in Zeeveld. A short film by Niki Boomkens.

This is how you become happy : portrait written by Jan Versteegh, taken from the book of the same name.

Heavenly Places:
Ferdinand Borger reports on three days of immersion in ZeeVELD

Monk of the future is both more childish and more mature’ : Interview Nieuw Wij

Profile NRC Handelsblad

Interview Adformation

Advocates of the Silence: Interview De Kovel

Interview Volzin