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Jan XVII: where to find it, how to get there and also: how to avoid getting lost in the dunes.

Jan XVII Foundation, Monastic Laboratory
Transitium ZeeVELD
Noorderstraat 2

Many route planners do not know the way to ZeeVELD, but will get you lost in the dunes. Therefore, follow these directions.

Public transport:
By train or bus to Castricum Station, then continue on foot (walking distance 45 min), by bicycle (cycling distance 15 min; public transport bicycles can be rented at the station) or by bus. From Castricum station, a bus runs approximately twice an hour, line 164 to Egmond aan Zee, also to bus stop Noorderstraat. See for this. There are no taxis at Castricum station. To book a taxi, call: 072-533 1313.

On foot or by bike
If you come on foot or by bike, leave the station at the entrance. That’s the exit with a newsagent and a flower shop.

Cross the road and turn left: follow this road – the Mient – which runs parallel to the railway until you reach the Vinkenbaan after 500 m. Here you turn left, cross the railway and follow the Vinkenbaan until the third exit to the right: the Bakkummerstraat. Follow this for about 500 m. Then the Bakkummerstraat – in a slight bend to the left – changes into the Van der Mijleweg. The Van der Mijleweg changes again into the Van Oldenbarneveldweg, which ends at the roundabout of the Zeeweg. At the roundabout, take the second exit to the right: Heereweg. You follow this one kilometer. Then you will see the former Children’s Home Antonius on your left. You pass this, after which the entrance Noordhollands Duin reserve – Noorderstraat follows on your left. Take this road.

Almost there…

At the end of it you come to a fork with a building with tourist information about the dune reserve. Turn left here. You will see our outside on the right. After about 60 meters you will see ZeeVELD on your right. Welcome!

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