Why do you speak of God? Whatever you say of Him is false.
Master Eckhardt

Searching and investigating
So that you can determine whether Zeeveld is the place for you: our investigative approach is perhaps one of our most important character traits. What further characterizes us is that this search is very practical and grounded. It takes place in and through our daily work and interaction with each other. The question is always: what is sensible, given the concrete situation? What is fertile? What is feasible? What works? Considerations that we do not make in a vacuum, but in relation to the spirit that we think we perceive in our most important sources of inspiration: the Bible and the precept of Benedict. Which, to be clear, we don’t follow to the letter.

“Mr Reve, do you believe God exists?”
‘Oh boy,’ said Reve, ‘existence, existence, God doesn’t need that at all.’

For whom?
Spiritual snackers don’t seem to feel at home in Zeeveld. They experience us as ‘too strict’. At the other extreme of the spectrum, fundamentalists experience us as ‘separated from God’. Who is in the right place in Zeeveld? Anyone who is related to the questions that inspire us and to how we deal with them: examining everything, keeping the good. A practical touchstone is the willingness to apply the Liber method .