Elke tells about Liber

Hello Thomas,

You don’t know me, but I’ve been doing the Liber exercises from your site for a few months now. Because I have had positive results with it, I wanted to tell you this once too.

My name is Elke and I live in Groningen. I have been practicing Zen meditations for several years and go to a yoga group every week. I heard about Liber from a good friend. I wasn’t very interested, I responded with: “I do enough already, there is no need for that. And actually it is also quite crazy and opposite to have to make so much effort to become calmer.”

But… my interest was aroused and so I went to look at the Liber Coaching site . At first with resistance and now and then, trying wise so to speak, I started. I am relaxed on the couch. No difficult mandatory sitting positions. Not looking for peace (often hard to find), but just writing down everything for 10 minutes, words, sentences, feelings, thoughts, sounds, in short, whatever presents itself in me during my writing. This directs my tense attention. Gives focus so to speak.

In the beginning I listened to your text on the site . Now I use the alarm clock that I also use at Zen. What strikes me since I started doing this is that I really disconnect myself from the grinding thoughts. Okay, so do zen and yoga, but these exercises give me a dimension. Namely the Nothing. Not knowing, just realizing every time, that I don’t know. And that gives me a lot of peace.

That I don’t coincide with my thoughts. It has been said to me so many times in all kinds of training sessions, but thanks to Liber I now understand it. Because I feel it now. I learn that I can choose, that I am more than those grinding thoughts. The daily “sitting” is now also much easier for me.

I said to Jan, ‘thanks for pointing me to Liber, this exercise doesn’t take anything away from what I’m already doing. I don’t need anything but to be very close to myself. Relaxing on my bench to write and read to myself. No need, nothing no compulsion’. And then I thought ‘well, I can thank Jan, but then I also thank Thomas, that seems so logical to me’.

So with this: thank you very much!




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