Liber in text and drawing

The fastest way is the detour
Get rid of misunderstanding Me with the Liber method
Concept and texts: Thomas van Kleef
Illustrations and design: Anabella Meijer
56 pp.
ISBN 9789463457866
Published by the Jan XVIII . Foundation

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Easter, Liber: exercise 2

If you stand with your nose on the ‘Night Watch’, you see a blob, a smudge, a stroke. Certainly not a painting to write home about. It only becomes that if you distance yourself from it…

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Liber, exercise 1

Liber teaches you to live on two motors: the motor of your thinking, doing and letting go, striving, finding, feeling, wanting to know and expecting, AND those of your completely silent awareness of this…

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Look at the new man

Anyone who fears that man as we now think of himself will perish is right, for the simple reason that he has not been given that right to exist. It is not ‘designed’ that way. (Read more here)

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