‘Look Mickey’

The sacred wall in the chapel of ZeeVELD has been joined by Roy Lichtenstein. An image of his painting in which Donald Duck proudly thinks he is hooking a huge fish: himself.

“What does Liber get me?” is sometimes asked. See the answer here. view. An open eye for the extent to which we first define our own happiness or unhappiness, then start pushing and pulling to get what happens to us – the will of life for us – to fit within us self-invented framework – our will for life.

When we say: ‘Oh, how happy I am’, or ‘Oh, how unhappy I am’, we are really saying as much as: ‘Oh how wonderful that my will is law’. Or rather: ‘how annoying that life doesn’t do what I want’.

“Look Mickey, I’ve hooked a big one!!” As long as we are at the tap of our own sense of self, ‘spiritual development’ or ‘personal growth’ are other words for self-ticking.