The fastest way is the detour

Your life isn’t going the way you want it to. Not at all, or not at all. The question you’ve been humbling with for a while: ‘how do I get it going again?’ That may have a specific reason. A burnout, for example, depressed feelings, the death of a loved one or an illness. But you may also have inspired an indefinable feeling of dissatisfaction: ‘I have to do something about this’.

Only: what? Something with spirituality? An education? A therapist, coach or guru? The offer is overwhelming. The decision to change your situation seems to create a new problem. Choice stress.

Most of the alternatives you consider have this in common: they promise to bring you what you ask. Which seems logical, and attractive, but isn’t. Because you’re missing a crucial step. The question of the legitimacy of your bet. For how do you know that the desire you hope to see fulfilled is right? Really suits you? That it is ‘true’?

Suppose you are single and you ask the real estate agent to find you a house with ten rooms. Which do you prefer, a real estate agent who says: ‘we’re going to arrange it for you’ or one who asks ‘uh, ten rooms for you alone: are you sure about that?’

What makes Liber so different and so incredibly effective: it teaches you to start where other methods skip. With a question. With this question: ‘I who am I?’ And because ‘who’ precedes ‘what’.

Do you start building a house to live in from the roof? No, surely? Liber teaches: build your house of life from the ground up. Don’t start somewhere halfway, at a desire, or at a wish, but first examine the identity of the builder. Who are you really?

To do this, you always learn to take the same three steps. Acknowledge. Activate. To welcome.

Soon you will see that you do not have both feet on the ground of your life. That you live in assumptions about yourself. Basically being the prisoner of a story about yourself that doesn’t match the totality of who you are. Because this story is about checking and knowing, while you don’t know endlessly more than you do. And you are essentially powerless too. After all, we cannot ‘control’ the most beautiful and terrible things in our lives.

That head of ours… let it run its course and it imagines itself to be the director of our existence. But if the wisdom traditions of East and West agree on something: the art of living has nothing to do with knowledge. All it takes is honesty and simplicity. The courage to see and acknowledge again and again: ‘I am my own worst enemy. I make complicated what is basically simple.’

At first glance, Liber seems different. New. But look further and you will recognize an approach that will help you internalize an ancient wisdom. A knowledge that resides in the depths of your soul: whoever wants to learn to come to life, learns a life of unlearning. What Liber offers you: the opportunity to kick your addiction to ‘Misunderstanding I’.

Liber summed up in one sentence? The detour is the fastest way. You learn to realize your goals by befriending the saboteur who stands in the way.

And then? Luck? Good luck? Did all your dreams come true? More than that. Much more.

Liber brings you: more and more of yourself.

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