flight spot

The management of this company is coming to ZeeVELD for the third year in a row. They feel at home here and it is warm to see them again. ‘You can set up a branch here,’ I joke. “That would be a good idea,” says the director. A refuge. I can sometimes feel the need for that.”

I fall silent. Flight spot… flight spot…

“You’ll stir something up with that word,” I begin hesitantly. To suddenly get up to speed: ‘You know, the funny thing is: seen from a monk’s point of view, the great weakness of man is that he thinks he must be himself a place of refuge. And what he calls his ‘life’ is a permanent defense of it. Which makes him feel the need for… a refuge.’

And I have to think back to one of my first monastic lessons: ‘Viewed from the city, it seems the world is turned upside down here in the abbey’, I once said to my monastic teacher. His answer: ‘and that’s how we look at the city: like the world turned upside down’.

What do I do in a day? Yesterday I was moving the contents of a GFT ton, today I can continue working on a new website. But whatever I do, it is only a stepping stone for the one exercise that concerns the monk: to learn to let go of the delusion that one has to be a refuge.

Who follows?

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For what the silence produces

To become silent is to become a woman. And mother. All willingness to love and receive every word; then to wait motionless and finally to give birth: the life-giving word. And again. And again.

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Look at the new man

Anyone who fears that man as we now think of himself will perish is right, for the simple reason that he has not been given that right to exist. It is not ‘designed’ that way. (Read more here)

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Easter, Liber: exercise 2

If you stand with your nose on the ‘Night Watch’, you see a blob, a smudge, a stroke. Certainly not a painting to write home about. It only becomes that if you distance yourself from it…

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let god take care

In another beautiful addition to the site ‘All of Bach’ Dorien Schouten plays the chorale ‘Wer nur den lieben Gott läßt walten’. The text goes

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Cognitive Templates

‘Our lives must fit within the framework that we have in mind for this’ I wrote in an earlier blog. That framework turns out to have a beautiful name: cognitive template…

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