Jan XVII Letter to Friends 2017

“How can good come out of what is intrinsically illogical?” ‘How much God’s will can there be if we have already defined it in advance?’ “How alive are we, as long as we haven’t died yet?” Questions dominate the Jan XVII Friendship Letter 2017. For those who don’t shy away from savory food, it is to read here .

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The meaning of life…in you

Life has no meaning. Because life does not think in terms of ‘having’, but of giving. So life ‘has’ no meaning, but ‘creates’ meaning. In that life itself. Click on the image to continue reading.

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Drying the laundry

Without a clothesline, hanging the laundry contemplatively becomes a bit difficult. So it’s great that Aaron recently put down some poles with lines in a

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Easter, Liber: exercise 2

If you stand with your nose on the ‘Night Watch’, you see a blob, a smudge, a stroke. Certainly not a painting to write home about. It only becomes that if you distance yourself from it…

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