Liber in eight minutes

The Liber do-it-yourself coaching methodology explained in eight minutes.

All credit goes to the wonderfully professional and dedicated team that made this item: Patrick Bisschops, Narsingh Balwantsingh, sound engineer Wouter and cameraman Hans. It was a pleasure to have them as guests in ZeeVELD for two days. For the recording of my contribution to ‘Everyone Illuminated’.

You can see the results here from 16:38


‘How did you get involved’, I am often asked, ‘that Liber do-it-yourself coaching method?’. ‘Psalm 51’, I say. ‘Psalm 51 and Allegri’. Click on the image to continue reading.

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me, who am i?

When we build a house, we start at the beginning. Against all the laws of gravity, we start with our house of life at the roof. Not with the question marks, but with the exclamation marks of our existence. Click on the image to read more

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Monk’s work described in one word: detachment. Dying to self is at the heart of the spiritual journey. Read here what the Franciscan friar Richard Rohr has to say about it.

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