Like the call, like the echo

Successively drive into the yard: a van with two painters who come to carry out maintenance work, a van with two men for cleaning the woodwork outside, a van with three cleaners for ‘normal’ cleaning, a car with another cleaning employee and a bike with a volunteer who comes to install a new amplifier.

I really don’t get it at all. As much attention and work as there is to sit in a simple group accommodation. Like it would be a gigantic house.

Or maybe I should look at it from the other side? And is it going like a train here because we put so much attention and love into the house?

‘Like the call, like the echo’ I read recently.

Beautiful spell. Which is certainly true in the case of ZeeVELD.

Rob Schipper

Today would have been Rob Schipper’s birthday. Together with Ton de Nooy he founded Jan XVII. For years, Rob kept watch faithfully, also literally, in

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Drying the laundry

Without a clothesline, hanging the laundry contemplatively becomes a bit difficult. So it’s great that Aaron recently put down some poles with lines in a

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New poverty

‘You can’t arrange something like that with a referendum’, ‘the stayers campaigned poorly’, or ‘politics made it their own’ – reasons for the result of

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