Like the call, like the echo

Successively drive into the yard: a van with two painters who come to carry out maintenance work, a van with two men for cleaning the woodwork outside, a van with three cleaners for ‘normal’ cleaning, a car with another cleaning employee and a bike with a volunteer who comes to install a new amplifier.

I really don’t get it at all. As much attention and work as there is to sit in a simple group accommodation. Like it would be a gigantic house.

Or maybe I should look at it from the other side? And is it going like a train here because we put so much attention and love into the house?

‘Like the call, like the echo’ I read recently.

Beautiful spell. Which is certainly true in the case of ZeeVELD.

Cognitive Templates

‘Our lives must fit within the framework that we have in mind for this’ I wrote in an earlier blog. That framework turns out to have a beautiful name: cognitive template…

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The fastest way is the detour

He struggled with depression for years. To the point of suicidal. Until Liber crossed his path. And after only three weeks he could exclaim: ‘why didn’t I discover this sooner? Away with complaints!’ How is that possible? Read more here.

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