Hopelessness as a source of creativity

‘It is an incredibly fun challenge to turn an impossible situation into a new and creative starting point’. In front of the camera of rental platform Groepen.nl , Thomas van Kleef explains how he transformed ZeeVELD into ‘one and a half meters of accommodation’ in half a day. This once again showed how this place, step after careful step, is indeed developing into a ‘monastery of the future’. Where guests and permanent residents learn how to live receptively. And not: projecting.

Spirituality a la ZeeVELD: not what you do, but how you do things. Not what you believe, but that you believe: that Life itself believes in you. And giving you minute by minute directions to be a sign of that Life here on Earth. Bubbling, sparkling and constantly renewing what has become jaded.


Sharing fairer

And then the British referendum turned out to be a battle between haves and have nots. With the underlying existential question: do you expect to

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Welcome to Paradise

‘Welcome to paradise’. Imagine a world where the news starts every night with these words. After which we only start to relate to the other things of the day in a second instance, and then from that consciousness.

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