Hopelessness as a source of creativity

‘It is an incredibly fun challenge to turn an impossible situation into a new and creative starting point’. In front of the camera of rental platform Groepen.nl , Thomas van Kleef explains how he transformed ZeeVELD into ‘one and a half meters of accommodation’ in half a day. This once again showed how this place, step after careful step, is indeed developing into a ‘monastery of the future’. Where guests and permanent residents learn how to live receptively. And not: projecting.

Spirituality a la ZeeVELD: not what you do, but how you do things. Not what you believe, but that you believe: that Life itself believes in you. And giving you minute by minute directions to be a sign of that Life here on Earth. Bubbling, sparkling and constantly renewing what has become jaded.


Sharing fairer

And then the British referendum turned out to be a battle between haves and have nots. With the underlying existential question: do you expect to

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Liber in a nutshell

“Libert does not help you realize your desires, but to learn to evaluate them detached. In the process you move from delusion to reality. You discover that life is not a must, but a lover who wants to love you.” Curious about what Liber is and does? Click here to read the summary…

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