This is how you become happy

Thanks to Jan Versteegh, who also visited ZeeVELD for a candid conversation with Thomas for his book ‘Becoming happy in this way’. He and 17 others – including Kluun, Ben Woldring, Sacha de Boer and Fred Teeven – were asked by Jan why and how they dared to take that radical step towards their ultimate happiness in life.

‘It was not a self-help book,’ says Versteegh, ‘but it could be of great use to you.’

The book was published March 14 by publisher Prometheus.

Liber, exercise 1

Liber teaches you to live on two motors: the motor of your thinking, doing and letting go, striving, finding, feeling, wanting to know and expecting, AND those of your completely silent awareness of this…

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me, who am i?

When we build a house, we start at the beginning. Against all the laws of gravity, we start with our house of life at the roof. Not with the question marks, but with the exclamation marks of our existence. Click on the image to read more

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