From flat to sparkling

With love, Transitium ZeeVELD offers a home to the most diverse retreats. No less than three in a row in the past week alone.

But ZeeVELD also has its own awareness path: Liber.

Practicing the crux of Liber: to become aware of how only a single obstacle stands in the way of your unification with your deepest purpose, the essence of all things: the value you place on your own opinion about setbacks, disappointments or events where you weren’t waiting for.

Look at it this way: all life ends in one great ‘disappointment’: our death. Then the next question is: which is more relevant now? Our opinion or conception of that death, or the actual, real fact of it?

Nothing invites us to unity like setbacks. Put a curl on that word (or with feelings like ‘difficult’, ‘difficult’, ‘disappointing’, ‘doesn’t suit me’, ‘I can’t wait’) and we signal our views about what we are experiencing, more important to find than anything. First and foremost: our opinion about people and things. Learn – Liber! – to welcome setbacks with an open heart, to ‘eat’, to ‘digest’, and the deepest, always surprising and life-giving message that is also hidden in ‘disappointing’ or ‘disappointing’ events becomes clear to you.

And instead of opinions, insights become your part. It becomes difficult to struggle, to cooperate gratefully. Turns flat into sparkling life.

Sound inviting? Try Liber yourself here .


‘How did you get involved’, I am often asked, ‘that Liber do-it-yourself coaching method?’. ‘Psalm 51’, I say. ‘Psalm 51 and Allegri’. Click on the image to continue reading.

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Liber in a nutshell

“Libert does not help you realize your desires, but to learn to evaluate them detached. In the process you move from delusion to reality. You discover that life is not a must, but a lover who wants to love you.” Curious about what Liber is and does? Click here to read the summary…

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The meaning of life…in you

Life has no meaning. Because life does not think in terms of ‘having’, but of giving. So life ‘has’ no meaning, but ‘creates’ meaning. In that life itself. Click on the image to continue reading.

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