Vacancy Serving Hermit

Your life a song of Yes and Amen
Give sound to the song you are. Read here all about the vacancy ‘Serving Hermit’ at Jan XVII

Love. Attention and acceptance. Encouragement. Grace and patience. Redemption, forgiveness, security and peace: our deepest depths offer us nothing else, nothing more and nothing less our environment demands of us.

Would you like to learn to balance on the cutting edge of what life offers and asks you? Would you like to learn how to move inwards and outwards equally well?

You can. As a Serving Hermit at Jan XVII.

About the vacancy

In summary, as a Serving Hermit you practice the art of unification. You learn to coincide with the love of life for you and the meaning it has in store for you, and wants to bring to light through you.

The curriculum has three aspects:

  1. against the background of the Judeo-Christian signature of Jan XVII , you train yourself in the Liber methodology ;
  2. you participate in the management and operation of Transitium ZeeVELD and you guide Liber clients;
  3. You live a predominantly solitary life in your own ‘cell’ in ZeeVELD.
Your life a song of thanksgiving.

Dedicate yourself to this with courage, discretion and dedication, and as the the scales will fall from your eyes you will gradually become a song of Yes and Amen.

By way of salary Jan XVII provides board, lodging and pocket money.

Explanation of the vacancy Serving Hermit

Life, what’s it all about? Being human, what does it mean? An ‘I’ what is that? And if you already have an answer to those questions, how do you know it’s right?

Those who are honest admit: ‘I don’t know the answer to the most important questions in my life’. And build their existence on that recognition. On the apparent ‘mystery’ that carries us. Only to discover that their essence lies in that inner dimension of silence that we experience in our best moments as pure, unconditional love. And in welcoming and embodying it.

Would you like to make that ‘building’ your job? Your work and your life?

Monastic Laboratory

At the Monastic Laboratory that is Jan XVII, you can. Our commitment: to discover, as we go, what a contemporary contemplative monastic life could also look like.

This much is already clear: different than usual.

For example, we have developed our own contemplative practice. Liber . A ‘do-it-yourself’ coaching method that teaches you to welcome, without any judgment, whatever you think you know, find and feel. To let it enter in, flow through and exit you again. To ‘digest it’. In the process you discover that this is the will of Life: to love you madly. And you begin to want this above all: to be allowed to practice passing on that love.

Find out here how the media reported on Jan XVII. Or read here some blogs that give an impression of our philosophy.

Transitium ZeeVELD: Connecting outwards, Connecting inwards, Becoming silent.

Transitium ZeeVELD is an accommodation in the dunes in the Netherlands near Castricum in that helps you make a ‘transition’. To this end, it offers three ‘residential speeds’. The fastest speed, ‘Connecting outwards’, welcomes those who want to take a professional step. For those who are ready for a form of personal growth, there is the ‘Connecting inwards’ speed. The slowest speed, that of ‘Becoming silent’ focuses on those who want to dedicate their lives to setting transitional steps: the Serving Hermits of Jan XVII.

Presence and availability

For the Serving Hermits of Jan XVII, not only is ZeeVELD their home, it is also an important aspect of their training material on the path of unification. The assignment, year in year out, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, to be unconditionally present in the same place, available for what their environment – i.e. management and exploitation of real estate and grounds – demands of them, forces them – if they don’t want to crazy – to become as uncoditionally present and available for what their inner self offers them.

The result is a snowball effect: the more complete the movement inwards, the more complete the movement outwards and vice versa.

Interested? Read: The Rule of St. Benedict, Chapter 58, 1 thru 4.