me, who am i?

When we build a house, we start at the beginning. First we lay the foundation.

Strangely enough, however, we don’t do that when it comes to the home of our existence. Against all the laws of gravity, we start with the roof. With what we think we know and want. With exclamation marks. Instead of on the ground. On the question marks of what we do not know or understand.

“Dumb,” says the law of gravity. ‘Do not’. But what do we do? When our house of life collapses, our little finger points at everything and everyone, except ourselves.

What Liber teaches you: to keep going back to square one when building your life. Not what you know, want or feel to take as a starting point, but the question of the legitimacy of the engine, its source.

You do that in three steps. Always the same: 1. acknowledge, 2. activate or ‘express’ and 3. welcoming or ‘being aware’.

In the process you will see that you are being guided by a phantom ‘I’. That you do not live, but are lived. Due to a misunderstanding.

The more you come to see this, realize it, the more completely you will be freed from the grip of the ghost.

Your life can begin.

The best recipe for those who long to be themselves: not to take any assumption about it seriously. Not to live from what you value, assume or know, but from this one question: ‘I, who am I?