So quiet and so cared for

Gradually the retreat guests trickle in. Most of them have been here before and are quickly spreading out, out and in. Sun, tranquility, all doors open, the cat sleeping in the middle of the driveway, the smell of freshly cut grass, not a sound to be found.

A paradise.

There is a soft knock on the door: ‘Excuse me, but I thought that here…’ A concerned lady thinks she has arrived on the wrong day or at the wrong house, because, she says: ‘It is like this here quiet and it all looks so neat’.

I laugh: ‘and that’s why you thought: this can’t be a monastic center?’ Now we have to laugh together. The wonderful laughter at unmasked nonsense. ‘We’ll keep it in’ I say: ‘so quiet, so well-maintained, it cannot be a monastic center’.

Liber, exercise 1

Liber teaches you to live on two motors: the motor of your thinking, doing and letting go, striving, finding, feeling, wanting to know and expecting, AND those of your completely silent awareness of this…

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Liber in a nutshell

“Libert does not help you realize your desires, but to learn to evaluate them detached. In the process you move from delusion to reality. You discover that life is not a must, but a lover who wants to love you.” Curious about what Liber is and does? Click here to read the summary…

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Sharing fairer

And then the British referendum turned out to be a battle between haves and have nots. With the underlying existential question: do you expect to

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Who digs a pit

One day I want to write a book about tile truths. Or maybe organize a series of retreats based on that. Today’s turn: ‘whoever digs

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