Welcome to Paradise

‘Welcome to Paradise’. Twice within two weeks I hear guests announcing themselves with these words. They don’t come in with ‘good morning’ or ‘how are you’ or ‘here I am’, but with the experience that overtook them as they entered the grounds. And before all the usual and polite, it must apparently first get out: ‘Welcome to Paradise’.’

Blessed’ to hear. Because how wonderful it would be if ZeeVELD would bring to life the realization in every guest that they are a resident of Paradise.

‘Welcome to Paradise’.

I sometimes imagine a world where the news starts every night with these words. Then a few minutes of silence. Time to turn inward. Let us once again become aware of how much love and beauty we are deeply rooted in. After which we only start to relate to the other things of the day in a second instance, and then from that awareness.

And now let that also be handed over! The photo shows what guests left behind today as a thank you for their stay. A Celtic cross like it is on our roof, laid with holy or monstrance beans from their own garden.

The power of this image: how it bundles simultaneous or even paradoxical truths. If it means: ‘Welcome to paradise’ we only really know ourselves if we dare to welcome hell and heaven with an equally open heart.

Inn or stable

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