A sauna for ZeeVELD

And when we were renovating so nicely, a sauna could also be added. With bucket, outdoor shower, foot bath and cooling room. Still on the wish list: a plunge pool. Although: the toad pool also appears to have an irresistible attraction for some sauna goers! And if it can be done naturally, why should we do it artificially?

Liber, exercise 1

Liber teaches you to live on two motors: the motor of your thinking, doing and letting go, striving, finding, feeling, wanting to know and expecting, AND those of your completely silent awareness of this…

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The fastest way is the detour

He struggled with depression for years. To the point of suicidal. Until Liber crossed his path. And after only three weeks he could exclaim: ‘why didn’t I discover this sooner? Away with complaints!’ How is that possible? Read more here.

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