Sharing fairer

And then the British referendum turned out to be a battle between haves and have nots. With the underlying existential question: do you expect to be able to hold your own in the coming decades or not? Because whether the legislator lives around the corner or in Timbuktu, most people will be concerned. Their greatest desire: sufficient grip on existence. No more change than they can keep up with.

Also on paper we now know that more than half of the British are not sure of that grip. They experience too great an imbalance between life as they would wish it and as it happens to them. And can only say ‘no’. No, if not! If only because the same life seems to go off to others, elsewhere, so much easier, more beautiful, healthier or more prosperous. “Here is a country so imbalanced it has effectively fallen over.” writes The Guardian.

The real result of the referendum? Share honestly.

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Cognitive Templates

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