Inner renovation

Truly, a person is capable of much more inner renewal than we think. Take ZeeVELD as an example. Due to a renovation, this appears to offer possibilities that the house itself did not even know it had in it.

Or actually you shouldn’t take that as an example. Because this renovation costs a lot of money, and your inner renovation…. doesn’t have to cost you a cent.

One of the first enthusiasts to use the Liber method picked me up once wrote to me: “I always thought I was a failed souffle. So I kept looking. For that course, that retreat, that master, who could help me get rid of my defects. Until I, through Liber, discovered: “There’s nothing wrong with me at all. I get to be who and how I am!” ”

Investment in costs: 0.00 Euro cents. Well, the cost of the internet connection then. To access the website with the exercises .

Time investment: that will gradually be more than 365 hours! One hour a day for a year. Write, relax, read back, write, relax and read the written aloud again and welcome without any inner resistance.

Yield, I’m not kidding: an internally completely renewed woman.

Inner renovation: really, it is possible. And big too.

And as for the renovation of ZeeVELD, on the pictures you can see:

how no one can get in or out anymore;

how a retaining wall in the chapel creates space for a staircase to the attic, for a storage room for the grand piano and a presentation screen, flip charts and meditation mats and cushions. Everything nicely out of sight;

how the coffee kitchen location can slowly start to receive its new kitchen unit – and that super-duper machine for all those ‘fully automatic coffee specialities’;

how a great walk-in closet will be built there, precisely tailored for all the extra organic stocks that the caterers of mainly retreat groups bring with them;

how a corridor was created that turns three connecting rooms into independent rooms, and it became a nice corridor too;

how a switching room becomes a self-contained room, with private bathroom

how a staircase was broken away: one less switching room and an extra independent room.

how a wall is becoming a bathroom;








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