Cognitive Templates

‘Silently contemplating your non-silence, you will begin to see how we necessarily want to be able to ‘catch’ everything that happens to us. Our lives must fit within the framework that we have in mind for that,” I wrote in an earlier blog.

That framework turns out to have a wonderful name: cognitive template. ‘During the mystical way we are liberated from the cognitive templates that we place on reality and that make existence small, orderly and disgusting’, I read in a book review.

And now let this describe exactly what Liber can bring you: by learning to become present with an uninformed and infinite ear for what is cognitive and templated in us, the presence of the infinite, indescribable and always fresh and fresh, gains in us so much. strength, that in it we may come to know our typical, human, own and distinctive capacity. And not in being able to hold onto our conditioning.

“Whoever knows exactly where he wants to go in life will get there – and that’s his punishment. But real life is an adventure’ we read a little further in the same review.

But what shall I quote here if we may reproduce his entire story here with the author’s permission? With pleasure and thanks. To the author, Jean-Jacques Suurmond, and the editors of Benedictijns Tijdschrift 2018/2 in which this book review originally appeared.

Rob Schipper

Today would have been Rob Schipper’s birthday. Together with Ton de Nooy he founded Jan XVII. For years, Rob kept watch faithfully, also literally, in

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The demagogue in me

Every time President Trump says, ‘I am the solution’, I know again: yes indeed, in me the problem. Waking. There’s work to be done. Read more here…

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For what the silence produces

To become silent is to become a woman. And mother. All willingness to love and receive every word; then to wait motionless and finally to give birth: the life-giving word. And again. And again.

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Look at the new man

Anyone who fears that man as we now think of himself will perish is right, for the simple reason that he has not been given that right to exist. It is not ‘designed’ that way. (Read more here)

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