The meaning of life…in you

One arithmetic student asks another, “Why is two plus two five?” And the other will say: ‘Wait a minute, the assumption in your question is wrong’.
One life student asks another: ‘what is the meaning of life?’ If I were the other person, I would answer in the same way: ‘stop, hey, your assumption is wrong’.
Because life has no meaning. Because life does not think in terms of ‘having’. The language of life revolves around ‘giving’.
So life ‘has’ no meaning, but ‘creates’ meaning. In that life itself.
What is the point of a photo camera? Who or what he photographs to ‘make a photograph’. In the same way, the meaning of life consists in bringing the living ‘to life’.
That’s what life likes to do. It takes great pleasure in that. But unlike a camera, it says to everything and everyone, without exception: ‘I love you’.
The meaning of life? That’s you.

For what the silence produces

To become silent is to become a woman. And mother. All willingness to love and receive every word; then to wait motionless and finally to give birth: the life-giving word. And again. And again.

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